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Haversack set


  • Eternally reusable and washable natural bags
  • Fabric production & processing under fair conditions
  • Perfect shopping bags as an alternative to plastic bags
  • Available in a practical set
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the natural bag!
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The environmentally friendly Organic cotton natural bags are a sustainable solution for transporting and storing food. You can use the natural Cotton bags use as bread bags or to store pasta or rice. As a sustainable shopping bag when buying fruit or vegetables, the bags are of course also suitable. The natural bags are ideal as bags for freezing bread in the freezer and are an ecological alternative to plastic shopping bags.

The plastic free natural bags are robust and can be reused forever. If you want to wash the cotton bags in between, you can clean them at 60 ° degrees in the washing machine and then hang to dry. This ensures a hygienic environment. Afterwards you can reuse the sustainable shopping bags normally.

Why natural bags made of organic cotton?

The best thing about the natural bags is the use of sustainably produced organic cotton. This protects the environment, as cotton grows faster than wood for paper bags and produces less waste than plastic bags. Therefore, the organic cotton bags are a good alternative to paper and plastic bags. However, sustainability also includes that the manufacturer guarantees fair wages, work safety and the exclusion of child labor in the production of the fabric.

In addition, the cotton natural bags are more stable than paper or plastic bags. Thus, the bags have a longer life cycle and on the one hand less resources are needed for production and on the other hand less waste is generated. You can reuse the natural bags almost indefinitely if you treat them gently.

The natural bags are produced without harmful substances, so direct contact with your food is safe.

Advantages of ecological cotton bread bags

  • Plastic free jute bags and plastic free packaging
  • More robust and durable than paper or plastic bags
  • Made from resource friendly organic cotton
  • Guaranteed free of pollutants

Natural cotton bags for a healthy diet

All in all, the natural bags are a great all-rounder. They are suitable for transporting and storing bread, pasta, rice or fruit and vegetables, as well as for freezing bread. For food storage, freedom from harmful substances is especially important. Made from pure organic cotton, the Nature bags are therefore the best choice for a particularly environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy lifestyle. If you like, you can order the ecological organic cotton bags online here.


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