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Bottle brush


  • Sustainable bottle brush for your water bottle
  • Bottle brush made of wood with natural fibers
  • Suitable for all bottle shapes
  • Plastic-free from packaging to bottle brush

If you are looking for a sustainable cleaning brush without plastic then you are exactly right here. The vegan bottle brush is made of sustainably managed wood, stainless steel and natural fibers. Tap water in Germany is a high-quality and environmentally friendly option compared to mineral water. So it makes sense to drink from a reusable glass bottle and thus protect the environment. For hygienic cleaning of your glass bottle, the plastic free bottle brush from wood and natural fibers the perfect complement.

The vegan bottle brush has fibers made from an agave species that are robust and clean gently. The fibers are complemented by a handle made of sustainably managed wood, as well as a flexible connector made of recyclable stainless steel. Thus, only sustainable materials are used for the production of the practical, plastic-free cleaning brush.

Why a bottle brush without plastic?

The sustainable bottle brush is made of 100 % environmentally friendly materials. Fibers and wooden handle of the brush are completely biodegradable and the stainless steel used is fully recyclable. In addition, the cleaning brush for glass bottles is made completely without plastic. This means that there is no unnecessary plastic waste that decomposes in the environment over the years.

Since agave fibers are used for the natural bristles, the cleaning brush is free of animal components and thus also optimally suitable for vegans. Thus, it is an animal-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic brushes.

The advantages of the sustainable bottle brush without plastic

  • 100% plastic free brush and package
  • Produced from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials
  • Ideal for drinking bottles
  • Brush head made from vegan plant fibers

With the environmentally friendly cleaning brush you can clean drinking bottles plastic-free

If you fill tap water into beautiful glass bottles, you always have a sustainable and inexpensive water available. The environment is not additionally burdened by the transport and production of mineral water and plastic bottles. To keep your reusable bottle clean and hygienic, you can get this eco-friendly cleaning brush.

The sustainably produced brush with natural materials comes completely without plastic and is completely biodegradable except for the recyclable stainless steel. If you like, you can order the sustainable bottle brush without plastic online here.


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