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Aleppo soap

  • 100% Plant Soap from Olive Oil & Laurel Oil
  • Healthy Aleppo soap for skin & hair
  • Handmade made in the south of Turkey
  • Protects the skin and is ideal for shaving
  • Plastic-free from packaging to Aleppo soap

Are you also looking for a long time Nature plant soap that does not contain unnecessary additives? The made according to ancient recipes from Syria. Aleppo soap is 100% vegetable and consists of olive oil base.

Of course, the soap is made without plastic and also without preservatives, without added surfactants, without artificial fragrances or dyes and without silicones. The particularly natural and pure Aleppo soap is skin-friendly and can be used for body cleansing, as a shampoo, shaving foam as well as a face mask.

It provides nourishing refatting due to the content of high-quality laurel oil and supports the self-regulating function of the skin. Some manufacturers also produce Aleppo soap from 100 % olive oil. However, for particularly dry and sensitive skin, the proportion of laurel oil should be at least 20 %.

The application of the ecological soap

Aleppo soap can also be used for washing clothes or dishes, if times no detergent or dishwashing liquid is available. This makes the natural soap also an ideal travel companion when camping or pilgrimage, because you can cover personal hygiene, laundry and dishwashing with a single bar of soap. It is also very economical, so a small bar of soap is enough for a long time. This makes Aleppo soap even more sustainable than it already is.

The application of the ecological soap for body care is quite simple. You moisten the soap with water and rub it in your hands, spreading the resulting foam on your body or hair. If you want to use a Soap bag you don't even have to take the soap out of the bag to rub it in your hands. Afterwards, you simply hang up the sachet so that the soap can dry. Alternatively, you can store the soap in a tin. I always keep a bar of Aleppo soap in an old Tupperware container in my gym bag.

The advantages of high quality Aleppo soap

  • No plastic in the soap and the packaging
  • Free from additives and harmful substances
  • Based on olive oil and laurel oil
  • Very productive soap
  • Handmade and hand cut
  • Particularly skin-friendly for daily body, face and hair care

The natural soap from oriental recipe for healthy skin

Nourishing oils from olives and laurel are the secret of this sustainable Aleppo soap. This gently cleanses the hair, face and body and preserves the natural protective layer of the skin. The pure vegetable oils of the soap are nourishing for the skin and provide a healthy body care. I can really recommend you to buy the Aleppo soap, as it is a great and sustainable all-rounder. Maybe you can also still a sustainable soap bag need to keep your new Aleppo soap in the shower.


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