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How to design a plastic free Zero Waste Bathroom

Plastic Free Bathroom - 25 Ideas for a Zero Waste Bathroom

Looking for the best tips for a plastic-free bathroom? Then you've come to the right place! In our everyday behavior, we humans leave behind lots of garbage - no wonder that the Plastic waste in the environment definitely one of the biggest environmental problems of our time counts. Especially during personal hygiene in the bathroom, a lot of waste is generated. The potential for environmental protection is accordingly great.

In this article, I'll give you valuable tips on how to conjure up a zero waste bathroom with the simplest of means - without even remotely restricting your quality of life and personal hygiene. Let's go!

Here is a brief overview of the tips topics in advance:

  1. Hair, Nails & Ears
  2. Skin and body care
  3. Mouth and dental care
  4. Shave plastic free
  5. Menstruation and make up
  6. Shower, bathtub & toilet
  7. Waste & Cleaning
  8. Closing words

Hair, nails & ears in the plastic-free bath

Ecological cotton buds and soap in plastic free bathroom

1. plastic free cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are not only often packaged in plastic, but also directly plastic waste after the single use. There are cotton swabs from the packaging to the product also completely without plastic. With paper cotton swabs packaged without plasticWith the use of bamboo, bamboo and cotton, you are already a little closer to your zero waste bathroom.

2. shampoo in one piece

Dozens of shampoo bottles end up in the trash every year and have to be recycled in an energy-intensive process. In addition, the products often contain tiny plastic particles that can be used as Microplastics in the sea end. Fortunately, as a green alternative, you can simply use the tried-and-true shampoo in one piece and get the same tin box to store it in.

3. plastic free wooden comb

The old plastic comb has had its day - the plastic-free alternative is offered by a comb made of wood that is just as simple, but sturdier and also therefore even more sustainable.

Skin and body care without plastic

Zero Waste Bathroom Towel Rack

4. deodorant in one piece or do it yourself

What goes for shower gel and shampoos also goes for your deodorant: get a solid deodorant in one piece. This works the same way and is available without plastic packaging.

But you can also make it yourself! Especially for this, I have written a great article including ingredients and instructions for making your own deodorant. Whether deodorant spray, deodorant cream or roll-on deodorant: Make your own deodorant easily from natural ingredients and avoid plastic waste.

5. hand and shower soap without plastic

Plastic free bar soap can be used both as hand and shower soap and is thus the plastic-free alternative to conventional shower gel. The natural soap smells great and is free of harmful substances.

6. plastic free soap bag

In a Soap bag the soap already used once can be stored and transported very well. So other things in the toilet bag remain clean. I have a plastic-free soap bag made of cotton that also arrived plastic-free packaged with me. Who uses hand or shower soap, should get the sachet in any case.

7. wooden soap dish

For storing the soap at the sink or at the bath & shower is suitable a Wooden soap dish optimal. Visually beautiful to look at, naturally antibacterial and of course plastic-free. Like many other Bathroom decoration products too, get them, for example, bamboo or olive wood.

8. natural argan oil

In Morocco, argan oil has been used for skin care for many centuries. It contains many vitamins and nutrients for a young and vital skin. Also for the hair can Argan oil* can be used. The oil is a real all-rounder and should not be missing from your daily care routine. Especially because it is also largely plastic-free and available in a jar.

9. wooden bath brush

The classic bathroom brush is also available without plastic - for example, made of beech wood and with natural fiber bristles. And you're already a little closer to your goal of a plastic-free bathroom.

Plastic-free oral and dental care

Zero waste bathroom with wooden toothbrushes

10. bamboo wood toothbrush

My grandmother has always used wooden toothbrushes. After plastic was then commonplace, the Wooden toothbrush but disappeared into oblivion. Today, the plastic-free alternative to the plastic toothbrush is as much in demand as ever - and is representative of the environmentally conscious Zero Waste Lifestyle.

11. plastic free toothbrush tablets

A nice alternative to toothpaste from the plastic tube are plastic free packed toothbrush tablets. The toothpaste softens in the mouth and is easy to use and just as effective as you're used to. Maybe it takes a little time to get used to, but experience shows that it goes really quickly.

Tip: You can get your Toothpaste also easy to make yourself! How to do this, you will learn in the linked article!

12. dental floss without plastic

The Dental flossthat we usually find in the supermarket is packaged twice in plastic and is also made of plastic itself. Fortunately, there are now many plastic-free alternatives for the plastic-free bathroom. For example, dental floss made from wax. They are often even available in practical refill packs.

13. plastic free tongue cleaner

As a rule, tongue cleaners are made of plastic and cause a lot of waste. But in the meantime there are also Copper tongue cleaner in cloth bag* that last forever. Another alternative are ordinary tablespoons, which you probably have at home anyway.

14. all-purpose weapon coconut oil

Coconut oil is ideal for oil pulling, for example. With it you prevent bad breath in a natural way and clean your teeth. You can also use the oil to make your own toothpaste, for example. It is really a versatile all-rounder.

15. wooden toothbrush cup

Of course, if you already have a toothbrush mug, you don't need to replace it right away. But when the time comes, there are of course also good, plastic-free alternatives for the plastic toothbrush mug, such as the toothbrush mug made of olive or bamboo wood.

Shaving in plastic free bathroom

Stainless steel razor for less waste in the bathroom

16. stainless steel razor

Please abandon disposable razors, which simply leave plastic waste without end. And you don't need plastic blades anymore either. This razor*, for example, manages completely without plastic. The blades can be reordered and are made purely of metal. Set in the future on Stainless steel razor and you'll be one giant step closer to a plastic-free bathroom.

17. wooden shaving brush

I personally do not use a shaving brush, but know many who do. The is then mostly plastic with badger hair bristles. But to distribute the shaving foam is suitable for the sustainable Shaving brush made of wood and synthetic fibers just as well, of course.

18. aloe vera shaving soap

Plastic free shaving soap also comes in a bar. It replaces the usual shaving foam from the plastic box and helps you enormously to avoid plastic waste in the bathroom. The soap is rubbed as usual and the resulting foam is distributed on the face. Then leave to act for a short time and off you go.

Menstruation and makeup without plastic

Menstrual cup and reusable makeup pads

19. menstrual cup

Pads and tampons cause a lot of plastic waste and are usually also packaged in plastic. Initially ridiculed, are Silicone menstrual cups extremely popular today. They can be used for a long time and do not make regular garbage.

20. plastic free cosmetic pads

Plastic cotton pads make a lot of plastic waste when removing makeup. They are usually packaged in plastic and are also made of plastic or paper. Instead simply use reusable washable cosmetic pads for your makeup routine. This makes no plastic waste and is also much cheaper in the end. Your plastic-free bathroom will soon become a reality with this change.

Shower, bathtub & toilet and plastic

Plastic free bathroom with wooden toilet paper holder

21. toilet paper without plastic

In the supermarket you will not normally find a Toilet paperthat is not wrapped in plastic. But now you can also find it loose in the unpackaged store or online wrapped in paper. A great plastic-free alternative to traditional toilet paper for your plastic-free bathroom.

22. wooden toilet holder

Of course, you can just put your second and third "emergency toilet paper roll" in the cabinet next to the toilet. But on a minimalist wooden toilet holder it also looks pretty cool. Everything is more visually appealing and environmentally friendly than a cheap holder made of plastic.

Waste & cleaning in the bathroom without plastic

Bathroom plastic-free - with sustainable sweeping broom

23. toilet brush without plastic

Somehow the toilet must be cleaned! Plastic free there are Toilet brushes for example, made of beech wood with natural bristles. Another important step towards a plastic-free bathroom.

24. plastic free sweeping set

Your bathroom also needs to be cleaned of dust and swept. Sweeping sets with plastic hand brushes and dustpans have had their day. Here are now many plastic free wooden sweeping sets with synthetic bristles. The sweeping set is then, of course, not only suitable for cleaning the bathroom, but serves throughout the household.

25. sodium bicarbonate - The all-purpose weapon

Without Baking soda it would also be difficult for me to make my life almost plastic-free. Baking soda is an absolute miracle weapon, because it is versatile! For example, you can use it as a pipe cleaner, for your own deodorant, against blackheads or even as a bath additive. In the article Application ideas for sodium bicarbonate in the home I present you the best tips for this.

An (almost) plastic-free bathroom? Is that possible?

A bathroom (almost) without plastic is possible

Yes, that's possible! Well, with limitations, because an electric razor without plastic, for example, I do not know yet. But with the mentioned Zero Waste Tips you can make your bathroom as plastic-free and waste-free as possible. Many of the tips can be implemented immediately, for others you should wait until your current bathroom utensils are used up or unusable. In this way, you can gradually convert your bathroom to "plastic-free" and the soft to a sustainable body care.

Do you have questions, suggestions or your own tips for a waste- and plastic-free bathroom? Then I'm looking forward to your comments!

Stay clean,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: I have also given you a detailed contribution to the sustainable dental care written. Look gladly times purely!

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