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Avoid aluminum in everyday life

Avoid aluminum - 10 tips for living without aluminum

Avoid aluminum and do yourself and the environment a big favor: The material is known to be indispensable in many situations, but the production of aluminum consumes an enormous amount of energy and also has a strong impact on the environment. In addition, several studies now show that aluminum can also pass into food and eventually enter the human body.

But fortunately there are some useful alternatives that make a life without aluminum possible. In this article I would like to explain the ecological consequences of aluminum and give you the best tips for an aluminum-free everyday life.

Ecologically unsustainable: The production of aluminum

Avoid aluminum Live aluminum-free in everyday life

In the meantime, you will encounter the shiny metal almost everywhere: in kitchen appliances, in packaging materials, in various components in the electrical industry, in deodorant, on the outside of your windows and in many other areas. It's hard to imagine everyday life without aluminum, and despite the problematic manufacturing process, the use of the material makes perfect sense when viewed as a whole, for example, where the materials have to be particularly durable.

However, aluminum is unfortunately used far too often where it really has little to do: in the packaging and food sectors, where it is ultimately treated as a disposable commodity.

I'd like to give you an example: To make your sandwich transportable, you quickly wrap it in aluminum foil. The ratio of ecological benefit and effort is almost absurd here, especially because there are now much healthier and better packaging options. As a raw material, aluminum is far too valuable to be used once and serve as a throwaway product. 

Live aluminum free: 10 tips to avoid aluminum

Unfortunately, the metal is lurking around every corner in our everyday lives. But it's easy to reduce the mostly unnecessary consumption of aluminum. Use the following tips to make your life a little more aluminum-free.

1. replace aluminum foil sustainably

Instead of aluminum foil, simply use BPA-free Stainless steel food storage containersglass or porcelain. I would not recommend plastic without reservation at this point, because other dangers can lurk in this material and it is at least as harmful to the environment as aluminum.

If with the aluminum foil you only Making food last longer then I recommend you to read the article on the Make beeswax cloths yourself. There you will learn how you can sustainably replace aluminum foil and cling film from old materials.

2. prefer sustainable products

Fortunately, there are some suppliers who specialize exclusively in the sale of natural products. For example, the store offers you ECO Planet selected, natural, allergy-suitable products such as eco bedding & mattresses, household goods, organic wellness and care products and even natural fashion not only in a large selection, but also at extremely fair prices. 

So don't always use the first port of call, but always take a look at the philosophy of a platform.

3. cook yourself to avoid aluminum

Avoid aluminum in everyday life

Numerous types of packaging are used for food products that contain aluminum. Therefore, avoid buying ready-made products such as packet soups or powdered sauces. Cooking fresh is not only much healthier and tastier, but it also helps you use less aluminum in everyday life. 

For delicious (vegan) recipes, by the way, you should definitely check out our Healthy Food Blog drop by!

4. natural cosmetics to avoid aluminum

Aluminum is in many care products that we use every day, such as lipstick, deodorant or cream. Therefore, always take a look at the list of ingredients, because there are now many products that even advertise that they are aluminum-free. Natural cosmetics are often a good choice in this regard. 

For example, you can start with my article on the Make deodorant yourself. There you can be sure that you avoid aluminum. A ready alternative also offers this alu- and plastic free deodorant.

5. grilling without aluminum foil

Aluminum grill trays are completely superfluous, because there are clearly better variants for both the grill and the oven. To prepare meat, cheese or vegetables in the oven, a normal casserole dish serves this purpose at least as well, if not better. When grilling, on the other hand, you use environmentally friendly Reusable stainless steel grill trays for the preparation.

You can also get more tips in the detailed article about the Barbecue without plastic.

6. use pan without aluminum

If you're stocking up on new kitchenware, steer clear of a Teflon pan cast from aluminum. Instead, go for a stainless steel or cast iron pan. To be on the safe side, just find out exactly if aluminum is included in the pan before you buy. Unfortunately, first looks are often deceiving.

7. avoid aluminum cans

Avoid aluminum in everyday life

Canned food cans can be made of tinplate or aluminum. Manufacturers often use aluminum, especially for canned fish. However, you can identify the material with a simple trick: Simply hold a magnet to the can. Aluminum is not magnetic, tinplate is.

8. buy candy without aluminum foil

Also be careful when buying your sweets: Some candy manufacturers unfortunately still use aluminum foil for the packaging of chocolate and chewing gum. But there are plenty of alternatives that you can also find on every supermarket shelf. By choosing aluminum-free products as a consumer, you are also helping, Redesign products. Because manufacturers are always interested in what the customer wants 😉 .

9. avoid TetraPaks with aluminum

Tetra packs and beverage cans are extremely practical, but they create enormous amounts of waste and also contain aluminum. Even though your shopping bag may be a bit heavier, reusable glass bottles are still the best alternative. This applies, for example, to the purchase of milk, which is also available in returnable bottles.

10. replace coffee capsules with reusable ones

Avoid aluminum in everyday life

8,000 tons of aluminum waste are generated by coffee capsules every year. For one kilogram of coffee, users pay the equivalent of €70 per kilogram. Insane, isn't it?

If you have a capsule coffee machine or use one in the office, replace the disposable capsules with reusable stainless steel capsules. You'll have to fill the ground coffee yourself, but you'll be helping the environment and your wallet immensely. 

Life without aluminum - uncomplicated, right?

As you can see, it's not that difficult to do without aluminum in everyday life. Nevertheless, many people are not even aware that this makes any sense at all.

Aluminum stands according to Federal Institute for Risk Assessment suspected of being a trigger for certain diseases such as dementia and breast cancer. For example, researchers found that breast cancer patients have elevated levels of aluminum in their mammary gland secretions. So far, however, it is still unclear whether this is the actual trigger of the cancer or whether it is more likely to result as a consequence.

Above a certain concentration, aluminum not only damages the nervous system and has a negative effect on fertility and unborn life, but it also inhibits bone development at the same time. Aluminum is also said to provoke learning disabilities, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders.

For quite some time, the problem of aluminum has been rated as critical by the BfR, but still far too few people know about the many dangers and problems associated with the metal. I hope that I was able to show you here how easy it is to significantly limit or even completely avoid aluminum in everyday life. You'll be doing both your health and our environment a big favor!

Do you have any questions, tips, or your own experiences with avoiding aluminum that you'd like to share? Then feel free to leave me a comment.

Stay clean,

Living plastic-free - Less plastic waste in the environment

PS.: Doing without aluminum can be worth its weight in gold. But the bulk of my work actually revolves around the Life without plastic. If you want to know more about it, I can give you my Book plastic free for beginners to the heart. Have fun reading!

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