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I give you immediately & free of charge my new Zero Waste e-book "Get rid of the trash!" worth €10. If you like, you will also receive my free email series with many discount promotions and valuable tips for a natural and plastic-free life. Be the first to know when there's news! Together we improve the world by reducing plastic waste.

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Free e-book "Get rid of the trash!"

The e-book has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times! In just under 50 pages, you'll learn how to get a good start on a waste-avoiding lifestyle.

I created this e-book with the goal of encouraging our society to complete our own daily lives with less waste of resources and more conscious waste avoidance.

Knowledge is power - and there's really no argument against a sustainable lifestyle. Once you've read this e-book, you'll know the key points you need to tweak to live a more environmentally conscious life. Of course, you can then share your insights with others.

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Zero Waste Ebook

I am infinitely grateful for any support!

You can download this e-book for free, of course - but if you want to throw something into the coffee fund for time-consuming creation, you are welcome to do so here. The donation is primarily an investment in new, scientific blog posts at CareElite and CleanUp materials for cleanup efforts in the fight against plastic waste in the environment. Thank you!