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Coffee cash register

Coffee cash register

Working on CareElite takes an incredible amount of energy and strength - every cup of coffee can help. I provide the content here free of charge in the hope that you can generate added value for yourself. If you want to give me something back, feel free to throw a few euros into the coffee cup. The money will then be used for the creation new, enlightening blog poststhe further development of the website or for CleanUp material for cleanup actions used in the fight against plastic waste in the environment. I promise you that every penny from the coffee fund will also be used for the common goal of sustainable living in our society.

With a one-time amount you can send me over the Paypal button or at Kofi support. At Kofi and last but not least at Patreon you can also support CareElite monthly with any amount. As Patron you will also benefit from bonus content (e.g. Q&A's) that I offer only for you as a supporter. But I really thank you for any other form of support as well!

Thank you for your support and stay sustainable!

Notice: Do you already know the sustainable job portal? Take a look and get inspired by wonderful job postings at great companies near you that add value to you, our environment and our society.

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