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How To Identify An Attractive Employer – 16 Criteria Of Good Companies

How To Identify An Attractive Employer – 16 Characteristics Of Really Good Companies

What distinguishes employee-friendly companies? If you want to learn about the most important characteristics and criteria of attractive employers, you've come to the right place! In today's working world, it's important to find a job that not only earns you a living, but also makes you feel comfortable, satisfied and able to achieve your professional goals.

You have probably already gathered some information about your potential new employer from surveys, websites, application portals, media reports, career and job fairs, and personal contacts. But you are not quite sure yet? No problem!

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the most important criteria and characteristics that distinguish a truly employee-friendly company. Use the tips to recognize attractive employers more quickly or to become one yourself. Let's go!

Motives: Why is it important to have or be a good employer?

Why is it important to have or be a good employer?

No matter from which perspective you look at it: it is of great importance to find a good employer or to be one:r. But why exactly is that so important?

Before we move on to the most important recognition features, I would like to answer this question briefly. I will be helped by the most important Motives and advantages for employees and employers.

Advantages from the employee's point of view

  • Personal Growth: For example, through targeted training, continuing education programs or support with professional goals, employees can always develop their potential and advance both professionally and personally.
  • Calm and balance: Good employers ensure a better work-life balance, for example, by offering flexible working time models - and a lower stress level.
  • Financial independence: As an employee, you provide yourself with financial security, among other things through your appropriate salary and any bonus benefits. In addition, you can use your income to buy your own personal Fulfill dreams.
  • Safety: As an employee in an attractive company, your income is not the only thing that is secure. The company also protects your health, gives you a long-term perspective and provides you with planning security.

Advantages from the employer's point of view

  • Attractiveness for skilled workers: As a good employer:in, you attract qualified professionals and can expand your own talent pool.
  • Employee retention: A positive working environment with attractive conditions strengthens employees' identification with and loyalty to the company. Employers can thus reduce fluctuation and costs, among other things.
  • Productivity and performance: Happy Experience has shown that employees are also more productive. and more efficient. As a good employer, you benefit from an engaged workforce in the form of better results.
  • Corporate Image: The positive image of the company as an attractive employer greatly strengthens its competitiveness on the labor market and increases the chances of rapid, positive corporate development.

13 Criteria: What are the qualities and characteristics of attractive employers?

What characterizes really good companies?

Now you know why it is important to work for attractive employers or to be an employee-friendly company yourself. So now we can relax and go to the main features, criteria, characteristics of great companies transition.

The following factors and tips should help you to find attractive employers more easily or to increase the attractiveness of your own company as an employer.

1. healthy working conditions

Let's start with the obvious! Attractive employers place great value on safe and secure working conditions. healthy working conditions, in order to promote the physical and mental health of their employees.

The following aspects are definitely part of it:

  • Ergonomic workplace (e.g. through individually adjustable work furniture and equipment).
  • Good ventilation in the office (e.g. through a central ventilation system).
  • Adequate lighting (e.g. through natural daylight)
  • Stress reduction measures (e.g. relaxation exercises or yoga classes)
  • Prevention of occupational accidents (e.g. through company health management)
  • Free snacks and drinks (e.g. fresh fruit and water every day)
  • Location (e.g. quick accessibility (by public transport))

2. compensation and fringe benefits in line with the market

From employee-friendly companies, you can expect fair payment for your work performance that at least meets market standards.

Apart from salary and wages, really good employers also offer you additional benefits such as Performance-related bonuses and commissions, participation in the Company's success, company pension plan, and non-cash benefits such as employee discounts and benefits in kind.

The latter can be, for example, retail discounts or tickets to concerts, and can be offered to employees via special employee benefits software (such as are made available.

3. flexible working hours and working models

With really good employers you work with Trust-based and flexible working hours adapted to your individual needs. Flexitime, part-time options, childcare support, home office options and the chance for a sabbatical, for example, also offer employees more autonomy and flexibility.

4. promotion of work-life balance

The really good companies can also be recognized by the fact that those responsible attach great importance to their employees finding a healthy work-life balance.

They offer you through Flexible working time models and remote work in the home office support in balancing family and career. In addition, they regularly review workload and also offer appropriate stress management measures to reduce the Improve work-life balance.

5. in-service training and education

Attractive employers:inside invest in professional development of their employees and also openly communicate the respective offers. They will help you find the ideal training, offer regular training, development programs and mentoring initiatives to help you develop your skills. Develop skills in a targeted manner and improve your career opportunities.

6. free space and opportunities for development

Career development opportunities as a feature of attractive companies

Employees need the freedom to to be fully absorbed in their activity and be happy. An important characteristic of good companies is that they trust them and give them this space to develop and creatively shape their work.

For example, they promote independent, self-reliant work and varied tasks - and create a healthy breeding ground for innovative ideas and approaches to solutions.

7. employee-oriented management culture and open communication

As an employee in a great company with an employee-oriented management culture, you always benefit from transparent communication, cooperative collaboration and the targeted promotion of your individual development through regular feedback rounds.

In workplaces where there is a healthy, familiar working atmosphere, employees are encouraged to share their Contribute opinions and actively participate in decision-making processes. Team goals are set and ideas are promoted in a goal-oriented manner.

8. inclusion and diversity

Inclusion strives for a society in which all people regardless of individual characteristics (such as skin color, gender, religion, ethnicity, or physical ability) are fully accepted and able to participate equally. .

Anyone who is employed by an attractive employer knows that fairness and respect are practiced there and that barriers are broken down. The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in social (working) life in a self-determined way. There is a Open, non-discriminatory, equal opportunity work environment, in which all workers can develop their full potential.

Tip: What you yourself do against racism in our society or how you can create a barrier free life in wheelchair You can find out how to make this easier in separate blog posts.

9. appreciation and recognition

Another characteristic of good entrepreneurs is that they always give their employees appreciation and recognition for their achievements. Responsible take their time, to express praise and recognition. They reward successes and create a culture of appreciation that strengthens employee satisfaction and the commitment and motivation of the entire team.

10. career development opportunities and promotion prospects

Attractive employers offer their employees long-term planning options and opportunities for advancement. They Promote their career plans and talents, their personal and professional development and enable them to advance to positions of greater responsibility.

11. working atmosphere and teamwork

A good working atmosphere characterizes employee-friendly companies

Employee-friendly employers create a positive working atmosphere in everyday working life that is characterized by teamwork, cooperation and respectful treatment of each other. They promote the exchange and cooperation between employees. For example through sustainable company outingswho ensure great togetherness and a productive working environment.

12. opportunities for co-design and influence

In really good companies, employees are always given opportunities to help shape and influence the company. They always have an open ear for the ideas of their colleagues and also explicitly offer a Contact point for feedback and suggestions for improvement so that all colleagues can be actively involved in decision-making processes. Ultimately, this also increases identification with the company.

13. sustainability and social commitment

Attractive employers are aware of aware of their responsibility from experience and promote environmental protection, sustainability and social well-being with full transparency. They pursue a sustainable philosophywhich is also exemplified in the company. For example, a social project in the region is financed, a team event is combined with a garbage collection campaign on the beach, or targeted donations are made for the company. Waste avoided.

The positive external perception and reputation of the company ultimately leads in turn to more and more responsible people being interested in a job in the company.

Tip: However, there are always companies that only present themselves as if they are acting sustainably. How you can avoid the so-called Recognize greenwashing I'll explain how you can do this in the linked blog article.

Recognize good companies faster and become an attractive employer

Recognize special companies for happy workers - The best tips

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you have now become acquainted with many different characteristics and criteria that significantly improve working life. From healthy working conditions, flexible working hours, appreciation and development opportunities to a sustainable corporate philosophy. All these factors play a decisive role in your well-being and satisfaction as an employee.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Confucius (more at Confucius Quotes)

If you are currently looking for a new employer or are wondering if you would like to your job makes you happyyou should check these criteria carefully. Find out which aspects are particularly important to you personally. Then look around for companies that can fulfill these wishes. Also be sure to take a look at the sustainable job portal for job postings with added value for you, society and the environment.

I hope that this article has helped you to recognize attractive employers or to make your own company more employee-friendly. Do you have any questions, suggestions or other important criteria and characteristics? Then just write me a comment.

Stay happy in what you do,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Are you longing for a new task and professional challenge right now? Then definitely take advantage now these tips for a successful job search.

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